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Wonderful Skin by The Organic Pharmacy

Collaborations with Serena Bute & Ruben Tabares

by Lorna Oakley
A wonderful collaboration

For the first time, The Organic Pharmacy and Serena Bute have collaborated to bring you the most exquisite collections from a fashion perspective, alongside the wonderful Ruben Tabares who brings his expertise in fitness and nutrition to the table.

As you may have noticed, I am a huge fan of Organic Pharmacy and I’ve been lucky to use their products for the past two years. When their parcel arrived this time it was just before I left for Italy; I was rather happy to say the least. The outcome of the partnership is bold, bright and beautiful, the collection bags are the perfect accessory for sunnier days, whilst providing you with all the skin and body essentials you need for a ‘glow on the go’ on holiday or about town.

A wonderful collaboration for phenomenal results

Serena Bute has established herself as a designer who understands how women want to dress and has built her eponymous brand on the principles of ease, comfort, and versatility, as well as having an incredible eye for cut and colour.

She is known for her innate understanding of the role that fabric plays, favouring natural and eco plant fibre mixes, to create clothing that looks and feels sensuous. “Our collaboration brings together fashion and beauty for the first time, delivering a fun and bright collection that can be enjoyed and adored by all.

The essence of summer in travel essentials for the face and body, wrapped in a beautiful and versatile cross-body bag designed by Serena Bute. The collection itself focuses on those summer essentials, including the best-selling, mineral-based Cellular Protection Sun Cream that is kind to the skin and planet by being coral reef safe”.

This is one of the things that I love about Margot Marrone’s ethos. the quality of the products; they are certified reef safe so it is not just you that is being protected. As many of us long for sunshine, seas and swimming; it’s worth taking the extra consideration of what we are using when we are out and about in the sun (whether it’s here or abroad).

I received the body collection and it comes in a vibrant orange bag, designed by Serena with the iconic pink stripes and detachable strap, this proved the perfect bag/pouch for my travel documents within my hand luggage and it came with me on our boat day.

This bag is made from post-consumer packaging rather than plastic bottles heading into landfill. The used waste is chipped into flakes, spun back into a renewable plastic fibre and made into a new product with a very low carbon footprint.

As you can tell, I love the sea, and healthy coral reefs are one of the planet’s most valuable ecosystems. However, common chemicals used in many products used to protect against harmful UV rays threaten corals and their marine life. When we swim in these beautiful waters sunscreen may wash off and cause damage.

All their packaging is eco-friendly. This means they adhere to strict standards; they use paper that is responsibly sourced from FSC, recyclable glass and where possible sugar cane plastic and print using vegetable ink. The tube packaging is made from recyclable polyethene and uses post-consumer packaging. Their ingredients are 100% biodegradable and coral reef-safe.

Post-holiday, I started using the Ruben Tabares supplements to aid in getting back into a routine; as a freelancer, it’s so easy to sit and write for hours on end without moving. Starting the day exercising creates a positive step towards the day and these supplements are a great addition to this.

Ruben is one of the world’s most in-demand strength and conditioning coaches, providing nutritional and specialised sports therapies to athletes, artists, and A-listers. He has trained former world heavyweight boxing champion David Haye, alongside working with stars like Jeremy Piven, Tinie Tempah, P Diddy, Naomi Watts and Dina Asher-Smith.

Ruben’s approach to wellness is rooted in a deep understanding of the body and how the right supplements can help boost performance and results. Organic Pharmacy has teamed up with Ruben and handpicked together vital and nutritional ingredients to boost your performance and prolong your results pre and post-workout, delivering the optimum nutrition needed to support a healthy lifestyle.

Ironically a few years ago before I moved from London back to Wales, one of my first collaborations was with the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge and I was incredibly fortunate to spend a little time with him training; so, as you can imagine when these arrived, they were received with thanks!

Formulated with amino acids, pea protein and chlorella, the capsules strive to support hardworking muscles. Harnessing the benefits of clean ingredients, the workout supplements are infused with beetroot, ginseng and holy basil to help support your healthy lifestyle. 

Taken in the morning, these are especially good for training earlier and keeping your energy levels steady throughout the day, I usually do an online pilates class in the morning before breakfast, take these with my breakfast and collagen then try to either run or visit the gym at lunchtime. I’ve found after just a few days these work well with tiredness also, this is a big plus; as we go into darker mornings, I usually find it harder to train in the morning.

For more information on these collaborations or to purchase the products see online at The Organic Pharmacy.


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