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The Intriguing Twisted Tales at Brighton Fringe

by Sara Darling
Twisted Tales

When I eventually found The Bunker (Brighton Fringe – it may help to add the address to the ticket!) I was pleased that the show hadn’t started, and was lucky enough to grab a front row seat for Twisted Tales.

Not knowing exactly what to expect in this acclaimed Fringe show – the notes for Twisted Tales I had received were ambiguous; however I was keen to watch the play / drama / movement unfold in front of me – getting my best position to concentrate so as to take in all the action.

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What is Twisted Tales about?

Twisted Tales opened with six actors peeping out from the stage curtain as a large gym mat dominated the centre stage; known as ‘Platform Theatre’ the mat acted as the base of every scene, and as the characters entered one by one, the tension built as no one spoke as they looked out past the audience with quizzical stares, as though witnessing something that we could not. However they soon slipped into identical jumpsuits, reminiscent of Squid Games, and the show began in earnest.

The mat they soon acknowledged was the key to the story, as it enabled them to get into an array of characters as it opened like a book. Here comes the reference to the show’s title, ‘Twisted Tales’ which actually panned out to be a mashup of classic folk tales – Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland and the saga of the Vikings, but rather than just the typical story being narrated, this mischievous book dealt each actor a different character and the stories are not as we know it.

Fuelled by a fast moving script, each actor got a turn and those not in focus were cleverly used as part of the props as they crouched, rolled and rippled their way into contorted poses using meticulously precise choreography.

Without the distraction of a set, and the fact the actors were dressed in the same gear, allowed each to be equal, but there was a beautiful song performed by one of the females, which drew all eyes to her; and although the fairytales are flipped on their head, and spoiler alert, often have a gruesome ending, there is plenty of comedy too – brought about by asides from the rest of the cast who clearly have that imitable chemistry.

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The Box Theatre might not have created a new genre, but this fusion of comedy, drama, action and adventure, physical theatre is most certainly something that will get you talking and booking a return visit.

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