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Summer Beauty: Top to Toe

by Lis-Marie Liden

This is a top to toe kind of review and I feel like a new woman! I have tested out some more amazing products for this summer beauty roundup and what a pleasure it was! Let’s start from the top; the first product but one that quickly became a favourite is the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum. It comes in the most gorgeous packaging and the bottle is very shelf worthy – front row actually. It has this vintage pipette style with a frosted glass bottle. You are supposed to add twenty drops of this serum on your scalp and then massage until it is completely absorbed. Easy enough. I got started by using it in the evening, thinking to myself that that’s usually when the body and skin is more prone to really absorb and refuel but, when I realised the volume this serum gave me instantly, I changed my ways. A new morning routine was created. It’s non greasy, easy to use and filled with so much goodness, 21.5% is an active complex blend of seven different technologies that all comes together to create this amazing thickness and density. It also provides hydration below the visible surface and scalp hydration which is so important for any healthy hair.

I have the volume on point now, so I want to keep that. I know I speak of my Scandinavian locks often and not with great fondness. You see I can style it and it looks great for about an hour, then it just goes limp and Scandi-like. Hair spray usually helps a lot, but the only problem is I feel like I need at least two bottles, maximum hold and medium hold. So how pleased was I to receive the Design.Me Hold.ME Three Way hairspray. It has the most clever solution! It has 3 settings built in, you just turn the little nozzle and choose your preferred hold. All in one perfect bottle, and with UV protection – yes your hair needs that too! I usually stick with medium hold because it’s quite strong in this product and then light hold for those little flyaways.We have established that I have naturally very straight hair, a dream to many curly-haired goddesses it seems – we want what we don’t have, I suppose. So I wasn’t sure how to approach a product I received a product that I think would be perfect for the curly haired woman who wants to enhance the curls without frizz.

I’m talking about the Only Curls Towel. Alongside with some great hair products such as Hydrating Curl Cream and the Only Curls Enhancing Curl Gel I’m sure it would give great results for that curly hair, having that said it still served a great purpose for me.

I find it hard to find a towel that I can wrap around my freshly washed hair that isn’t too chunky and that stays put while I’m organising my closet for the billionth time during the wait for my hair to dry. The Only Curls Towel has a genius feature, a button by the nape of the neck and two little elastic loops on the two outer corners making it possible to fasten the towel. Also what I noticed is that it absorbs the excess water quickly and leaves my hair smooth and easy to detangle. I did manage to create a small beach wave kind of look so I do see how this could very much benefit curlier hair!When I shop for shower gels, I usually go for the pretty bottle with the good scent, this is such a shame, thinking of all the actually inventive and skin improving products out there. But I was treated to a very interesting product from mio skincare, the Clay Away Purifying Body Cleanser. The texture is dreamy! This product can be used in two ways. Either lather it on like a gorgeously creamy, fresh and foaming body wash – it definitely felt like all the impurities were washed away – or this can also be used almost like a body mask. You put it on and let it dry before washing it off, which gives a much more intense treatment. It has a nice blend of cleansing white clay and rosa clay, matcha tea with its strong antioxidants to restore and neutralise and, last but not least, witch hazel which is known to clarify pores.

When the day comes when I find my dream house, it will most definitely have a luxurious roll-top bathtub with lions’ feet, and the next product would be perfect for that. It is the Shea Moisture African Water Mint and Ginger Detox Bath, Body and Massage Oil. The name explains the versatility of this product. I used it more as a body oil after a long shower, and I was happy to learn it absorbs quickly and my skin felt soft. The scent is fresh and not over powering and this oil is great to help congested dull skin. The African mint rejuvenates and refreshes, the ginger has antioxidant values and the opuntia extract soothes and rehydrates. What I love the most is the personal story behind it, Sofi Tucker started selling shea nuts in a village market in Sierra Leone 1912, and by the age of 19 she was selling several amazing products throughout the countryside. Shea Moisture is her legacy!When I was little I used to love watching my grandmother get ready in the evenings, she had the most amazing routine and one of the very last steps was her hand cream. I remember she had the softest hands! I have tried to follow in her footsteps but I need a product that absorbs quickly. So I had high hopes when I received Seams Hand Cream. It’s non greasy, light and has a very fresh scent to it.

It’s good for hard working maybe even damaged hands that are in need of some love and care. On the box and the tube there is a very cute thimble and a needle with thread, and it goes so beautifully together with the products. It was originally made for couturiers to help mend and soothe their pinpricked hands. This hand cream helps to soften and restore, moisturise and protect as well as even out the skin tone of your hands and reduce signs of ageing. But something that really hits the spot for me is that it also helps to strengthen the nails; I love to massage a cream into my nail beds rather than an oil, might just be me!

I know we all have to find our own perfect products but I think these ones are great and I recommend you grab one of these, try to find your new favourite and treat yourself to a perfect summer beauty pamper day.


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