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STORY Aesthetic Results

by Lis-Marie Liden

I’m going to be honest with you, I have never really paid much attention to my skin and complexion. I mean yes sure in school when my teenage spots popped up I was annoyed and tried some recommended remedies from the weekly teen magazine. But other than that I was not much into it. As any Swedish teenager I worshipped the sun as soon as those summer months arrived and would lie out tanning like a tiny rotisserie chicken for hours. And this without any thought of sunscreen nor a second thought of what damage I might do to my skin, especially in the future. I was invited to Story Clinic for a consultation and a treatment and I think this was one of the best things that I could have ever done.

Beautifully tucked away near the Swedish Embassy I entered into this gorgeous minimalistic and welcoming space, and first thing I get is a gorgeous latte before I’m seen, can’t start without my coffee, I was super excited! I have lately been much better at tending to my skin, I use serums and creams. But honestly, mostly in the evenings. I have this issue that in the mornings when this tired non morning person gets up I literally have just about enough time to make a latte, put makeup and dry shampoo my hair to look somewhat lovely before I dash off. But in this rush to get out of my door I forget something so important. I have no moisturiser, no serum and most importantly no sunscreen on my face other than the small 15SPF of my mineral foundation. After my treatment with Story Clinic, I will never ever leave the house again without wearing SPF. And let me tell you why!

I was taken into a small room just adjacent to the treatment room where I have my initial consultation with Maja who is a skin specialist and senior aesthetician. In this small room it was all revealed. There was a machine in there that takes 5 photos all of which shows you different views of your skin and potential issues to address. But the most sobering one was to see what my skin might look like 20 years down the road, all due to the damage that has already been done. So imagine if I didn’t do anything now. The horror! You are able to see dry patches, potential inflammation and pigmentation, and all the damage done.

After having looked at these images Maja had already decided how to best tailor the facial to my skin and needs, so she decided that the Story Signature Facial is the one for me. The treatment started off with a deep cleanse, and I could get use to having someone do this for me every day. The next step is Dermaplaning, this removes build up of dry skin and dirt, it also removes that little fuzz we have all over our face. You know what I mean. After that we moved on to the Lactic Acid Peel, and no this one won’t have me walking around with a bright red face. It peels just enough all decided by your aesthetician. And then she used the Plasma Shower device which helps skin boosting ingredients to get deeper down in the layers of your skin without the need of needles, phew. During this I could on some areas feel a small “pinch” even that sounds to harsh, I felt something but it wasn’t painful. And to make sure of that a numbing cream is applied. I felt very safe and was always informed of what was coming next.

I was then given a gorgeous serum before moving on to one of may favourite parts, which is a Crystal Fibre Sheet Mask and it’s taken straight from the fridge which makes it so nice and cooling. When I was done I nipped over to the ladies room and obviously had a peek and I looked absolutely glowing and I swear I saw less lines! When I emerge upstairs I am met again by the lovely team and as a parting gift Maja hands me the tinted SPF cream that I knew now I needed. This will be prioritised every day if it’s the only thing I add, it will make my face look lovely and stay protected all at the same time.

Story clinic has a strong team with each medical staff having a level 7 qualification in cosmetic injectables. The highly qualified staff makes you feel well taken care off. Their goal is to keep high standard within aesthetics but also to educate the public on how to safely perform treatments. A very lovely message on their website says “We don’t change who our clients are and we know that our treatments don’t define them; we simply help them to write their story the way they want it to be told.” I find that so important and that’s why every treatment will be tailored just for you and your wishes, whether it’s a facial or an injection. I’m so happy with my story, and my gorgeous Signature Facial.

STORY Aesthetic Results
15 Crawford Street
United Kingdom


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