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Mint Leaf, traditional Indian food with passionate flair

by Lis-Marie Liden

A miracle, I managed to not get lost in Bank station, so I found my way to the cosy Angel’s Court and there I found my destination for dinner, Mint Leaf, an Indian restaurant in the heart of the city.

Interiors at Mint Leaf

They opened in 2008 as a sister restaurant to their Haymarket branch but with a much bigger venue. Even though I’ve not been in this particular area before, I found it very cosy and liked the tucked-away gem kind of feeling I got when I finally found the entrance.

Mint Leaf Lounge

You enter what I can only describe as a grand hall kind of room, to your left is a nice area to have drinks or in this case a networking event and to your right you’ll find the dining area. Due to the sheer size of the venue, there was plenty of space for all of us and we weren’t bothered by the event.

My date for the evening was my best friend Subé, but I can also see this being a great place for a more romantic date or an after-work dinner. Surrounding the dining area we could see art in the shape of sculptures which made a great conversation starter while waiting to order.

The room features a high ceiling with grand light fixtures and moody lighting, but enough so you can see who you are eating with, and as a cherry on top of the ambience cake there was music playing in the background at a volume allowing a comfortable conversation.

Food and Drink at Mint Leaf

We were taken good care of by our server Shashank and the restaurant manager Vikas, both ready to suggest and explain our chosen dishes.

To start with we needed a welcome drink; I was treated to the Viiva Cocktail, a Gin infused with Rhubarb and Strawberry, a nice and fruity version of a classic G&T. But I think the absolute best part of this was that as a patron you yourself mix your drink. On a metal tray, you have all the ingredients needed for your cocktail, such as berries, Mint leaves and Fruit Caviar in my case, I’d like to think my mixology skills were top-notch.

Minf Leaf Table

For my starter, I chose the Aloo Tikki, served on an oblong plate holding 4x of Spiced potato patties, garnished beautifully with cheese and cranberries. “I made a mess” I said to which our waiter replied: “that shows you enjoyed the food” and it was a perfect starter. Spicy which I love, but might be a bit too spicy for someone who isn’t as keen. But fret not as there are many starters to choose from.

For my main course, I couldn’t help but go for the Chicken Biryani, bursting with flavours and a portion size that allows you to also enjoy a collection of side dishes of choice. Along with the Biryani, I had a bowl of rice and accompanying this we had a selection of sides in the shape of Broccoli, Lentils, mixed fresh veg two kinds of Naan. This was a lovely mix curated by Vikas.

I didn’t think I could fit a dessert, but I was glad I tried, there was a nice amount of choice but the one that caught my eye was the Mango juice with lime Jelly, decorated with edible flowers. It had a soft flavour and texture, beautifully blended with strawberry and Lemon Zest. Not too heavy or overpowering and perfect for cleansing your palate after your amazing meal.

Having that said we weren’t able to finish it all, but I cheekily asked for a take-away bag which I can tell you was a great idea, it was a perfect lazy weekend meal.

Mint Leaf Setting

If like me, you are fond of Indian food and like a bit of flair, I would definitely recommend Mint Leaf. They have mastered the classic food but with interesting and stunning presentation and hospitality. A feast for both your pallet and your eyes.

Mint Leaf London
Bank, 12 Angel Court
United Kingdom


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