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Interview with Owner & Art Director of GA Salons Hair Genius Gennaro Dell’Aquila

by Lady Charlotte Lynham

My relationship with hair has been a long and arduous one. I am a natural blonde but have battled hair damage from medication, over-processing, chemical damage and mental health. I recently went on a hair health journey with GA Salons, trying to get my hair back into full health, and through my visits, I had the opportunity to interview the Founder and Art Director of GA Salons, Gennaro Dell’Aquila.

GA Salons

How did you end up in hairdressing?

I’ve always been drawn to hairdressing. As a kid, I was the one making sure my sister’s Barbie dolls had the shiniest hair. In high school, you’d find me at the barber’s pretty much every other day getting my own hair just right. So, choosing hairdressing as a career just felt right after I left school.

What prompted you to open GA Salons?

Working with several upscale brands taught me a lot, but I felt something was missing—like the real love for hair and the products we were using. I wanted to focus on genuinely caring for our clients’ hair over time, so starting GA Salons was my way of filling that gap.

Why is natural hair care so important to your philosophy?

Natural colours simply work better, you can see it. They keep the hair healthy right from the roots, avoiding any unnecessary damage. With natural products, we’re really able to minimize harm, keeping our clients’ hair looking fantastic.

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How is natural hair colouring different to traditional colouring?

Traditional colors can be harsh because they contain alkaline substances like ammonia which open up the hair cuticle—think of it like a door being opened and closed too much; eventually, it wears out. This process can strip out natural goodness from your hair. Natural colours don’t do that. They don’t open the cuticle or strip the hair, and they’re free from irritants like PPD, so there’s less chance of irritation or allergies.

What are you most proud of achieving over the last 10 years?

I’m proud that I’ve stuck to my vision, not swayed by trends or the mainstream market push. We’ve grown from 3 to 50 employees and expanded to multiple locations. It’s great to see how much our clients appreciate our approach to maintaining their hair health.

How do you keep up to date with new products and technology?

We run our own academy and research department, which helps us not just keep up, but also create our own trends. Our next collection is a sneak peek into our vision for upcoming styles and colours.

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To what do you attribute your success?

It’s all about hard work and dedication, not just from me but from our entire team. They’re the backbone of this dream I’m living.

Where do your clients come from, has that customer base changed over the years?

We don’t spend much on marketing; our clients mostly come from word of mouth. Our salons might look high-end, but we’re really down to earth with pricing that’s accessible to everyone. Our talented stylists make sure of that.

Does GA Salons have any celebrity clients?

Yes, our team is currently handling big events in Morocco and Puglia. We’ve also serve regularly members of the Saudi royal family and celebrities like Camila McConaughey and Amal Clooney, but we would like to keep client details private as a policy.

What does the future bring for GA Salons?

I believe more people are starting to value natural beauty that lasts. We’ll keep focusing on what we do best—caring for our clients’ hair. Just focusing on getting better every day leads to good things, so I’m excited about what’s ahead!


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