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Imogen Belfield

by Lis-Marie Liden

I was invited to an event in the heart of Shoreditch to have a look at the exquisite jewellery by the talented Imogen Belfield. Her table was located in the middle of the room and had a white base perfectly yet simply emphasising the jewellery, the magpie in me was instantly pulled in by the unique look of her designs. I was so intrigued to know what her inspiration was and how she managed to make it all look so enchanting.

The texture, the layering, the shapes and the richness of the gold that really caught my attention, every piece was it’s own work of art. The pieces are all handmade in the heart of London, it’s hard to give them a style but to me it was very rocker-chic meets glam. Not surprisingly her beautiful jewellery have caught the attention from some of our celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Uma Thurman amongst others.

After emerging into the world of fashion at 2010 Imogen has been recognised in many ways and understandably so, and all while completing an internship that gave her the opportunity to help with catwalk pieces for collaborations none other than Alexander McQueen and Daphne Guinness.So what do her pieces look like you wonder, well let me take you through some of my favourites.

The very first one that I instantly fell for is the Goddess Necklace, it’s a perfect statement piece and pretty much the only thing you need to make your outfit pop. This necklace won the “Best in Gold” award at the Couture Design awards 2016 and I can see why. It’s made out of 18k Gold, and in a beautifully subtle way you can see a mix of 1.44 carat black, coloured and white diamonds.

This second piece, the Leon Diamond and Porcelain Cuff, is very interesting to me as it has a mix of materials and this makes it so unique. It’s made of 18k Vermeil on a base of Sterling Silver. It has white porcelain added to it which is my favourite part, unexpected but perfect, and to top it off a mix of black, coloured and ice white diamonds.I love a statement ring, when going out for a nice dinner or a party I can’t leave without one. And I have to say it was hard to chose a favourite as the designs were all so different and equally gorgeous. But after imagining my outfits I finally decided that I would love the Spears Diamond ring, the shape is great and is made from 18k Gold with a mix of the same amazing black, coloured and ice white Diamonds.

OK, maybe you’re not that big statement ring type woman. Well there’s the perfect ring or ring set for you too.
These items are separate creations but look amazing stacked together as well. There’s a choice go a rectangular shape or a square shape, I’m talking about the Diamond Rectangle Rings or the Diamond Square Rings. They’re all 18K Gold set with white porcelain, the black diamond will vary in carats, all equally stunning.

Available at Harvey Nichols or online.


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