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Home Skin Care: the Face Mask

by Lis-Marie Liden

My fascination for face masks started in grade school, a time before my skin really needed the benefits of the masks themselves. I always bought a clay mask because I loved how the clay would dry on my face and crackle when I made funny faces. I still love a good face mask but they have evolved massively since then so where do you start?

I have had the pleasure to try three very different types of face masks for BBB, all with beautiful benefits for my skin. My skin is now slightly more mature and very indecisive, if I only had to battle one skin problem at a time that would be great. I learned quite late that you can actually breakout from being to dry, this was an eye opener for me, because ever since I started reading teen magazines I was under the impression you only break out if you have oily skin. I was wrong and I stand corrected.

Right let us start with a face mask that reminds me the most about my teens, the No Drama from Funderm. This mask is a Natural Red Clay mask, and in only five minutes you are left with purified and balanced skin. Sometimes with clay masks I worry it will dry my skin out, but this was not the case here, as this formula containing Prebiotics and Probiotics. Prebiotics help recalibrate the skin and Probiotics help regulate inflammation, No Drama is also loaded with Provitamin, Vitamin And Vitamin B3 which all help to improve the skin’s texture. It comes in a fun colourful pot keeping it visible and fun on your bathroom shelf. With this mask Funderm is aiming to give you a hassle free straight forward beauty solution for at home use.

The next face mask is from Glam Touch, a one stop website offering everything needed for make-up, hair and skin from Korean beauty brands. I received a selection of Banobagi Jelly Masks, which are very popular in Korea and actually recognised as one of the most reliable brands.

You have quite a few to choose from whether you need hydration, anti-aging or whitening for your skin. My first choice was the Vita Cocktail Age Foil mask, I mean every little helps after the age of thirty. The mask is a Triple Foil creation, it contains mineral water and it was a little drippy when I first removed it from its packaging, but the mineral water is there to strengthen the skin barrier. You then have Copper tripeptide and Avena sativa kernel extract to strengthen elasticity and promote circulation. All in all helping to support regeneration and tighten and firm your skin. The mask also holds nine vitamins to keep your skin healthy.

Taking the mask out of the packaging was a moment, I have not really tried a sheet mask like this, and this particular one was in a rich gold colour. In order to avoid the solution to evaporate they have matched cotton and foil sheets. I kept the mask on for 20 minutes before removing it and gently massaging the remaining solution into my skin. I felt super refreshed afterwards and it was fun, loved the colour, but also the little pouch the masks came in is adorable! I think it will be my new travel pouch, who doesn’t want to be greeted by “Hello Gorgeous” in bold cursive everytime they reach for their skincare?

The last face mask was very interesting indeed, it’s from Nutra Kos and is a peel off mask. This is the first time I ever try a peel off and it was so much fun! The mask comes in a packet with eight easy to use sachets, simply peel off the corner and squeeze out the gel looking cream. The gel feels very dense and slightly sticky to being with but it’s very easy to apply and there is no mess or fuss. It dries on your face fairly quickly and you might even forget it’s there. I wasn’t sure whether to sleep with it and remove in the morning for the best result or remove after 1-2 hours.  After giving that a thought for a bit, after an hour or so I decided to remove it because the peel off aspect was calling to me. Super easy to peel off and no residue left lingering.

This mask contains a lot of goodness, it has strong bio stimulants and is very moisturising. There’s also a high concentration of amino acids, hyaluronic acid for a nice intensive treatment. I definitely felt tightness of my skin and I looked radiant as soon as the mask was peeled off. A good thing as well is that because the mask comes in handy sachets you can easily bring it with you when travelling and refresh your skin wherever you are.

So what have I found? That there is a mask for each and everyone of us, so open that bottle of wine, put on those slippers, apply your chosen face mask and treat yourself to pamper evening.


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