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Home Skin Care: Clinical and Natural

by Lis-Marie Liden

One can never have enough skincare right? I at least feel like I have to play the beauty field in order to find my perfect collection. I have recently had the pleasure to try a few products by clinical skincare brand Nutra Kos, I mentioned their peel off mask in a previous review but here I will take you through their serums and creams.

Most serums I have tried have been in an oil type form and some absorb easier than others. Nutra Kos has an Anti-Age Serum which is more of a cream form and suitable for all skin types, including oily skin. I always fear a new breakout when I change my routine as I have very mixed skin but there was no problem here. I felt that little goes a long way with this serum and it is easily applied and absorbs beautifully. It is filled with Amino Acids as well as Hyaluronic Acid and Tetrapeptide-21. I definitely felt like the texture of my skin improved and lines felt more reduced.

After having applied the Serum I move on to the Anti-Age Face Cream, again a little goes a long way so don’t prepare too much. Something that I cannot stress enough is the need of SPF in your daily skin care routine, it is so very important. Nutra Kos Anti-Age Face Cream has SPF15 helping to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays. On top of the Hyaluronic Acid and amino acids, the cream also contains calcium ketogluconate which provides the skin with active ingredients but also protects from this UV rays. As we all know sun damage is one of the biggest causes making ageing skin deteriorate.

Let’s not forget the eyes, that very thin and sensitive skin is always in much need of care. I’m not going to lie, eye creams have not been on the top of my list and that’s not a great decision on my end. But Nutra Kos has me sorted with their Eye Contour Gel, another gem that you only need very little product to apply. It helps reduce puffiness and swelling under your eyes. When applied regularly it will restore the firmness of the skin.

Nutra Kos also offers a Body Cream that helps restore dehydrated skin and get that much needed softness back. Great cream to put on after your shower. It absorbs quickly and it doesn’t have a prominent scent so it won’t mix up with your perfume choice of the day.

I also received a few products from The Organic Pharmacy, the first one is the Rose Plus Brightening Complex serum. The first thing that I noticed was that is had this gorgeous fragrance reminding me of Swedish Sweets, so scrumptious! The serum will help minimise the appearance of pigmentation, something that has hit me hard with hormonal changes and age more than anything. So any help is welcome. It also helps to smoothen out the skin and work as a great base for your face giving you brighter complexion.

I also received the Anti-Aging Firming Body Cream which helps firm, tone and revitalise your skin. It has a mix of Guarana, Green coffee and Kigelia, and is completely vegan friendly. It’s a rich cream and feels amazing to massage in after a shower, you can tell it will be very moisturising and long lasting. My focus areas to rejuvenate would definitely be the décolletage as well as thighs but then again let’s just do an all over body session while we’re at it right?

My favourite product from The Organic Pharmacy is the Manuka and Peppermint Foot Cream, sandal weather is here and there’s no turning back and avoiding your feet. One of the worst things I know is mistreated feet in shabby sandals. Feet are just as important as anything else on your body. I always have pedicured feet as well as manicured hands. Always. This cream is so good and absorbs quickly, which is important because well we need our feet to get places, can’t be stuck in the bathroom waiting for a cream to dry! It has a fresh peppermint fragrance and helps soften and condition the skin beautifully. I learned again that a little goes a very long way so please don’t squeeze out too much product because you’ll be wasting it. And don’t forget all the little piggies going all sorts of places, well normally but not so much now. Massage your toes and cuticles because yes, even they need love and care just as much as your hands and nails.

Ok so, we have all probably had a break-out at the worst time at one or two occasions in our lives and we just want it to go away, with the right products you can support fast recovery. I received the Blemish Gel, a handy roll on bottle filled with antibacterial and calming herbs to tame that annoying spot that just arrived. It feels nice and cooling and the redness is visibly improved within a day. I mean what else can we ask for, just remember to re-apply 2-5 times a day, so I recommend having it in your bag or nearby. And before you know it that annoying spot is gone.

There is definitely something for every woman within these clinical and natural brands and I recommend you try them, we all need to keep our precious skin happy and hydrated.


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