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Hithe + Seek Limited Edition Menu with Hannah Crosbie

by Lily Niu

London’s skyline boasts many iconic vistas, but Hithe + Seek unveils a different perspective. Nestled within The Westin London City, its floor-to-ceiling windows frame the raw energy of the Thames, the Tate Modern, and Shakespeare’s Globe in a panorama devoid of cliches. This intimacy spills into the atmosphere, creating a moody haven for both pre-dinner drinks and the special Valentine’s Day collaboration with wine connoisseur Hannah Crosbie.

Hithe Seek Table

Enjoy the “Dalston Clover Club” six-course tasting menu

Crosbie’s playful spirit infuses the six-course menu, aptly named “Dalston Clover Club” with a wink and a nudge to her first-ever love, her “Dalston Wine Club”. “The Catfish,” a plant-based marvel, sees torched king oyster scallops mimicking their briny counterparts with remarkable accuracy. It’s a testament to Chef Fabio De Paolis’ culinary artistry and a delightful dish for those avoiding shellfish.

“The Anniversary” follows, a light and refreshing combination of sea bass carpaccio, compressed tomato, and basil crumble, elevated by the effervescent dance of Champagne granita. Each course is meticulously paired with Crosbie’s expert hand, transforming “Skye’s Chardonnay” into an essential element of the dish.

As the meal progresses, we delve into “main course” territory. “The Situationship” showcases tender pork tenderloin, its sweetness balanced by the surprisingly gravy-like blueberry jus. “The Booty Call,” an Indian-inspired lamb shish, arrives with Padron peppers, a testament to Crosbie’s adventurous spirit in pairing the dish with a Sicilian Frappato.

The grand finale, “The Ex,” is a delightful subversion. A light and flavourful chilli mango mousse with a dark chocolate sphere provides a sweet ending, cleansed by the accompanying Ruffino Vin Santo del Chianti. It’s a fitting conclusion to a meal that celebrates playful indulgence and unexpected pairings.

From day to night, Hithe + Seek serves as a great haunt for food and drink lovers

Hithe + Seek’s magic lies in its ability to transform throughout the day. While bathed in warm sunlight, it’s an ideal spot for a leisurely lunch with the city sprawled before you. Come nightfall, the mood shifts, becoming an intimate haven for conversation and Crosbie’s expertly curated “wine-pairing love language.” Whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or a curious explorer, Hithe + Seek offers an experience that lingers long after the final sip.

Hithe + Seek

Should you visit Hithe + Seek?

Absolutely. This limited-edition menu available throughout the month of love is a must-try for those seeking a unique and flavourful Valentine’s Day experience outside of the Big Day itself. But remember, Hithe + Seek’s charm extends beyond this special occasion. Its ever-evolving menu promises one delicious bite at a time.

Hithe + Seek x Hannah Crosbie’s “Dalston Clover Club” is available until 2nd March with prices as follows:

Set Menu – Cocktail, 6 plates with 5 x 125ml matching wines and 1 x 100ml dessert wine; £99.00 per person

One plate with its matching wine – £16.50 per person and a Cocktail – £15 each

Hithe + Seek
60 Upper Thames Street
United Kingdom


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