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Highly Effective Treatments at Nejati Clinic

by Lorna Oakley

You could probably describe the Nejati Clinic as one of London’s most desirable clinics at one of the most desirable addresses. Situated in the Georgian estate of Belgravia within walking distance of Knightsbridge; this state-of-the-art design led destination for dentistry was founded by two of London’s leading dental surgeons.

The Duo behind the Nejati Clinic

Netjeti Clinic was founded by Dr Brandon Nejati, one of the UK’s most in-demand aesthetic dentists ,who practices alongside his talented wife Dr Mahsa Nejati. With 20 years of experience specialising in non-invasive smile enhancement, anti-ageing dentistry and smile makeovers, while using the most advanced and modern technology, they take a gentle and unique approach into rejuvenating and enhancing smiles in the most natural way.


The Nejati Clinic and what to expect

You will be greeted by the lovely Jabeen as you walk into the beautiful entrance, she instantly puts you at ease and guides you to the waiting area on the lower level of the clinic, past the most aesthetically pleasing display you’ll ever see when taking care of your teeth.

I’m an absolute geek when it comes to interiors and it was clear that everything had been thought of when the clinic was designed and created; the ambience, the lighting and the furniture it all flowed perfectly, in neutral chic tones.


Nejati welcomes patients to experience treatments designed to bridge the gap between holistic, cosmetic and medical dentistry. Alongside the treatments offered from a general practice, the new dental concept seeks to keep the overall body, including teeth, younger and healthier and thus breaking the ageing cycle.

The treatment and what makes it different

I met the beautiful Dr Mahsa Nejati for a catch up and the first part of my cleansing treatment, this exclusive treatment is made up of two parts; and it is as far away from the idea of a visit to the dentist as you can imagine.

The exclusive combined treatment begins with Dr Mahsa Nejati’s 45-minute antiseptic treatment, created to treat gum inflammation which can lead to an increase of system diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory disease, arthritis, chronic tonsillitis and diabetes, as the biofilm begins to travel down the throat. It’s painless, quite soothing in a way; with Dr Mahsa talking you through the treatment, I have a retainer for my Invisalign and I was conscious about that and cleaning around it; she took extra care here.

If you are a nervous patient, this really is the treatment for you, absolutely no pain and your teeth feel squeaky clean after. Guided Biofilm Therapy and the latest Airflow Technology is therefore used to remove all Biofilm bacteria in the mouth that contributes to gum inflammation. After removing the biofilm, an antiseptic treatment of the gums is carried out by applying MAHSA’s herbal gel containing Rosemary & Thyme in combination with MAHSA’s Red LED Therapy.

The Red Light Therapy works by increasing circulation and speeding cell turnover and in the same way that it can improve the health of skin cells to reduce dark spots and wrinkles, improving the health of the gums, and reducing pain, quite literally healing from the inside out. The treatment was finished with MAHSA’s blue LED therapy and hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth and removing any staining.

Side note, these products used can be purchased and I am converted to the ginger and charcoal toothpaste.

There’s more . . .

I was over the moon with the first part. However, this is the first half of their exclusive treatment. Following Mahsa’s treatment, Sarah Bradden begins a 45-minute personalised therapy to include Bio-hacking technologies, cosmetic acupuncture and TCM healing practices.


Cosmetic acupuncture and acupressure massage is applied to relax the jawline, ease tension and sculpt the face. LED light therapy is used to stimulate collagen and elastin production and activated oxygen to enhance the body’s repair mechanisms. The Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Mat helps repair and ease, inflammation, pain and stress, while ear seeds provide continuous acupressure benefits, during and after the treatment.

Ultimately, by creating homeostasis within the system, Bradden’s targeted approach restores balance, leading to improved health, a more youthful appearance and a positive, calm state of mind and wellbeing. This combined with Mahsa’s anti-septic treatment and immune boosting IV drip provides the body and mind with a complete rejuvenation.

Having previously found her personal healing through acupuncture, Sarah Bradden is proof that finding the right treatment makes you physically and mentally stronger on the inside and brighter, happier, more youthful on the outside.  

The Bradden Method is a result of 20 years experience working within cosmetic acupuncture, reiki, reflexology and massage which she’s combined with essential LED light technology and activated Oxygen.  t’s a bespoke approach that is tailored to heal the individual based upon her understanding that everyone’s story and symptoms are different.  

Further treatments at Nejati Clinic

The above treatment is only one of their incredible offerings. In contrast to conventional and traditional dentistry, which primarily address issues in their advanced stages to tackle discomfort and pain, Dr. Brandon Nejati’s ethos revolves around a deliberate deceleration and reversal of the dental aging process, this is most definitely THE way to do prevention rather than cure in the most stylish manner.


It is a philosophy that is rooted in a proactive and safeguarding approach, seeking to prevent and pre-empt potential problems in later stages. It is this approach that inspired Dr Brandon Nejati’s signature Micro-Layering Treatment.

Each tooth is methodically layered under a miniature microscope and sculpted in a perfect shape and shade. The material, is a special nano composite, infused with the essence of porcelain particles. It is to imitate natural enamel and is painted in micro layers, starting from higher opacity in deeper layers, to gradually transit into finer more translucent layers. The outcome gracefully mimics your natural teeth, preserving their unique characteristics. It presents a healthier and noticeably enhanced version of your original smile, radiating simple yet elegant beauty.

By going through this process, the dental tissue which has been subjected to wear and tear over the years, will gain a protective barrier imitating natural enamel. Crack lines and exposures will be sealed and the bite, physically and aesthetically balanced. The teeth and smile will acquire a very naturally brighter and healthier look. A younger and healthier version of the same teeth.

To conclude. Nejati Clinic is really the future of dentistry, I’m really looking forward to going back, who even says that when visiting a dentist?!

Nejati Clinic
25a Lowndes Street
United Kingdom


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