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Easter Guide: Decadent Gifts for you, friends and family

by Lis-Marie Liden

Easter is fast approaching so let me help you with some ideas as to what to get whether it’s your own Easter treats or as gifts.

Starting off, Sacla UK who sent me two Colomba cakes to try, the first is the Gluten-free Classic Colomba. A Colomba is similar to a Panettone so if you like them you’ll love these. The Colomba is shaped as a Dove to represent peace, and this has been tradition through the years in Italy. The Classic Colomba is fluffy and a perfect treat for the Easter table. If you want to take it a step more advanced why not try the Colomba Limoncello. This as well is shaped like a Dove which alone almost makes it a centerpiece.  This lovely cake is filled with creamy Limoncello and the top is decorated with dark chocolate. This mix is to die for! Both these lovely cakes are hand wrapped in a very sweet wrapping paper and tied up with a bow, really adding a special touch. Why not gift one, or two and have some yourself?!

In the spirit of giving why not send Cupcakes or donuts?At  SendThemCupcakes.com you’ll find amazing gift boxes filled with stunning Cupcakes or Donuts. The boxes can be personalised or put together for any occasion under the sun. I received the Easter Fun box which is a collection on nine super cute and very tasty cupcakes. With various flavours of glazing and cute Chocolate toppings such as a Lamb or an Easter egg. All are mixtures of either chocolate or plain sponge cake. And the box they came in made it feel even more like a treat. Soft and delicious cupcakes but not at all too sweet if that makes sense, and these will make such cute additions to your Easter table or Easter party. The Rabbit Donuts are no less cute nor less tasty! Bunny ears, bunny feet or a smiley face, this were the decorations on top of a nice chocolate glazing. Perfect for children as a sweet treat this Easter.

A brand that I really like is Sponge and they never disappoint! I received their Easter Mini Egg Piñata Cake. It serves eight people depending on your slice size. A four layered chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream, chocolate flakes and the most amazing surprise in the middle. It’s all in the name. You cut a slice and out pours mini marshmallows, Mini Cadbury eggs and crispy pearls. It truly has it all; tastes amazing, serves many and a surprise in the middle. And if needed it also comes as a gluten free version.

Moving on to the chocolate portion of this Easter menu let’s start with Rita Farhi, I received three different treats from them. The first piece that caught my mind was a bunny shaped plastic container holding the cutest, and I now know, super tasty small milk chocolate speckled eggs. A crispy speckled shell filled with smooth milk chocolate. The second box was a filled with rainbow coloured rows of Milk Chocolate Praline eggs. Smooth Chocolate that melts in your mouth. I almost didn’t want to share! And last but not least the Sugared almonds. This is good if you want something sweet but with a crispy centre and if like me you love almonds. They come in a tin that can which is easily stored, if you manage not to eat them all that is. All these items are perfect luxury gifts for adults (or yourself).

This next part is all about eggs, big ones and small ones. The Cadbury White Oreo egg might sound like a lot but I assure you it is a perfect mix of smooth sweet white chocolate with crushed up Oreo cookie pieces all over giving you a perfect crunch. But let’s not forget the sharing bag with white chocolates, I didn’t share them, sorry! If white chocolate isn’t for you then the Edgy Egg from Toblerone is perfect and artistic keeping those known Toblerone peaks alive with the first ever Easter egg made by Toblerone. Smooth milk chocolate with the iconic honey and almond nougat. And as if the egg on its own wasn’t enough out fall six small Toblerone bars perfect if you just want a little piece. In the same box as these lush eggs arrived the iconic Cadbury Creme eggs and a Cadbury Mini Eggs chocolate bar.

Right so I’m not from this country and have seen Cadbury creme eggs in the shops through the years and never fully understood them. If you look at the classic egg it looks like a chocolate coated actual egg. Of course this isn’t the case but still. So when I received two small boxes with various kinds I was ready to try. Inside were two classic eggs, one white chocolate egg and one Caramel. The caramel is a nice chocolate egg filled with smooth caramel. But the Classic and the White egg is filled with what looks like egg yolk and egg white, but to my fellow newbies fear not. You see the filling is a soft and sweet fondant, cleverly disguised as egg, because who doesn’t want an egg inside of an egg? And this is a very iconic Easter treat reaching all the way back to the 1920’s. And last but absolutely not least from this box of treats I had the Mini Eggs Chocolate Tablet bar. Inside there’s small pieces of micro mini egg inclusions giving the perfect crunchy addition to the smooth milk chocolate.

If you have read any of my reviews before then you might have heard of Bird & Blend? They offer many amazing products. They have such a cute Easter Egg idea. I received their Earl Grey Creme tea infused chocolate egg, now, before you go wondering how that all goes together let me tell it just does. The mix of tea and chocolate is perfect, it’s not like you’re eating tea chocolate. You’re eating chocolate with a hint of Earl Grey. And as it that wasn’t fun enough when you get into the egg you are met with three Earl Grey tea bags! Heat up a cup and have a piece of chocolate with your tea, you will be amazed! I know I was happily surprised at this pairing.

Now that we know we can pair chocolate and tea let’s look at my next stunning product. When I opened the box from Saicho I was met with the Saicho and the Chocolatier bundle, which makes for a perfect gift. Inside this floral packaging there’s three flavours of Mini Sparkling teas, these are to be chilled and served in champagne flutes. The flavours of the Teas are Hojicha, Darjeeling and Jasmine. The bottles have different coloured labels, Green, Plum and Blue and in the same box I had three sachets of lush dark chocolate in matching colours from the Chocolatier to be paired alongside its counterpart of Sparkling tea. This is a tasting mad in heaven. This made for such an amazing and luxurious experience, I also found that I really took the time to allow the bubbles of the sparkling tea and its flavour to really merge together with a piece of chocolate. Climate positive chocolates and teas selected from the finest tea gardens, perfect for an Easter evening.

janice wong eggsAnother item that is perfect for gifting is the Pure Imagination Easter Egg box from Janice Wong Singapore. The box they come in alone makes it luxurious and chic, the eggs are works of art, they look like egg shaped paintings. In this assortment bow there’s five eggs, Praline Porrocks, Pistachio, Strawberry, Popcorn and Basil. Isn’t that such an interesting pick of flavours? Janice Wongs loves to experiment with flavours and techniques to create beautiful pieces just like these tasty eggs. My favourite egg you ask? The Basil egg really caught my interest, spicy, creamy, chocolatey with a lovely long aftertaste.

LA BreweryAll these amazing chocolate treats need a beverage on the side surely, LA Brewery sent me some amazing non alcoholic Sparkling Kombuchas, perfect if you are still being good after Lent. These are amazing if you want to have something that feels festive but without the alcohol. I received two flavours the Sparkling English Rose which has white rose petals and elderflower icing a more dry finish and the Sparkling English Blush which has summer’s seasonal flowers with a hint of rhubarb. They are sustainably brewed with natural fermentation process with blends of tea, plants and flowers. My favourite was the Sparkling English Rose. It had a more fruity taste and was a little smoother. And inside I had two fun drink recipes to try so I know I have an Easter party menu ready.

rose pasqua estateLast but absolutely not least in our eatable and drinkable menu is a lovely bottle of wine. I received the Pasqua Y BY 11 Minutes Rosé. A bottle of fruity and rich Rosé. The Corvina grape gives hints of red fruits, strong with perfect acidity while the Trebbiano gives aromas of Citrus fruits and white flowers allowing lingering flavours, lastly the grape Carmenère gives perfect structure. I’m in general a Rosé girl so I can see how this will pair well with lighter meat dishes and fish, or why not with a lovely pasta. If you treat yourself to this wine I suggest having a read about it as it truly gives you a sense of the journey it takes to create it. It has won two gold medals after all. And what made this wine even more special to me personally is that it is made in Lake Garda which is a destination that will always hold some of my heart. For years I have going there with my best friend and am now wondering if I might have passed the winery from where this bottle comes from?

Now, no Easter table is complete without a centrepiece. I came home to a large box from Eflorist. Gently and safely packed inside I saw a large perfect composed bouquet of flowers. I saw a lovely mix of pastel flowers, Chrysanthemums, Lilies, Roses and more. And as if the vision wasn’t beautiful enough they are so magnificently fragrant! I found myself just admiring them and being reminded of just how beautiful flowers really are. Not only are they perfect for my Easter bundle and my little London studio but Eflorist offers such a great way to gift someone a beautiful bouquet. Fresh long lasting flowers delivered safely and timely to their doorstep. And I am sure there is a perfect choice for whoever the recipient is as they have so many lovely variations to choose from for any occasion.

I was spoiled for choice in the floral department, I came home one day to a box with a grand bouquet of white roses inside. If only this would happen weekly! Blooming Haus had treated me to a gorgeous White Pearl Rose bouquet. Beautiful large and long stemmed roses that with care will last very long. The bouquet is hand tied by Blooming Haus florists and expertly delivered to your door. The trick to the volume of these roses is the flexed petals. It was truly a breathtaking bouquet perfect for a chic centrepiece or a stunning gift as an alternative for chocolate this Easter.

So, I hope you will find inspiration in this Easter bundle of mine, it was an absolute pleasure to try out all these amazing treats and flowers for you all. Happy Easter!


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