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Decadent dining at COYA Dubai

by Lady Charlotte Lynham

Where is Coya Dubai?

Part of the popular ‘Restaurant Village’ at the Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach, Coya Dubai is a stylish restaurant that brings all the intoxicating atmosphere and vibrant flavours of Latin America to Dubai. We took a short Uber ride from our hotel La Ville, up to the grand entrance of the Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach restaurant complex, where lush greenery and huge flame torches signified where Coya was located.

Atmosphere at Coya Dubai

Coya Dubai is a stimulating and fun restaurant like its Flagship in Mayfair London. The combination of music, interior design and friendly staff make for a fabulous evening out, and Dubai was no different to the other Coya restaurants around the globe. 

Upon entering we were warmly greeted at the reception and taken through to our table, located past the bar at the back of the restaurant. The interior is luxe, with plush carpet, mixed foliage and Peruvian artefacts. Our table is wood with red leather seats that have a pull-out bag shelf, a wonderful addition so you don’t have to put your designer handbag on the floor! The atmosphere is buzzy, with groups, couples, friends, and families all celebrating or just enjoying a night out on the town. The room is cool but not cold, just the right temperature for a hot summer night in Dubai!

Dining at Coya Dubai

We were first greeted by Nikos, who is actually the GM of Oman Coya, over to see how they were doing things in Dubai. We chatted with him about the concept, allergies and what we should not miss out on. He sent over Gaurav, our waiter for the evening, who was very knowledgeable about the menu and assured us he had everything planned and we were in for a treat!

We started with the Coya signature, the Guacamole, made fresh at the table in a huge earthen bowl. This guac is packed with flavour! I am not usually a fan as I find it too creamy and never enough spice but this version was spot on! We accompanied this with the chicken skewers which were succulent and again packed with flavour. We washed down this course with the famous Coya Pisor Sour, a Peruvian classic, whilst my fellow diner tried the passionfruit-infused version, a twist on a classic.

COYA Dubai Pisco

Up next was one of my favourite Peruvian dishes, the seabass seviche, with sweet potatoes and leche de tigre. This again was a show with the ceviche being mixed at the table. This was a standout dish, limey, sharp but subtle, with fish that was so tender and fresh that balanced perfectly with the crunchy corn and soft potato.

My fellow diner tried the beef gyoza with shiitake mushroom, which was earthy and meaty, plus the cucumber salad, which was a mixture of textures and made for a refreshing palate cleanser.

We followed with the Manchego churros with cheese and truffle, which was downright filthy! Full on cheese-fest that was beyond moreish. Plus the soft shell carb tacos, which if you know me and my love of soft shell, was perfection. Tempur crispy crab in a small taco covered in spicy mayo, perfection!

By now we were already very full, but Nikos and Gaurav promised to spoil us and spoil us they did (and my waistline). We had made it main course, with a sea bream a la plancha being serviced with tomato, onion and chilli; this simple but elegant dish was cooked to perfection with the fish just falling off the bone. Plus a seabass with chilli butter and rice, a signature of Coya throughout their restaurants, this dish did not disappoint, again the rice was cooked to perfection with elements of sweetness, spice and smoke. We both loved this dish, nothing fancy, just excellent comfort food cooked like a homemade meal.

Arroz Nikkei

 chanca by COYA

We were served dessert in chanca by Coya, a separate venue within a venue, a sort of speakeasy-esque bar that was located off the main entrance. We were seated in prime place behind the DJ booth by Eira and served a humongous dessert platter, which was brimming with all sorts from chocolate brownies to creme brulee and everything in between. Already so full from dinner we gave it a go but caved after a few bites of each thing, we were done in.

We finished the night with a Spicy margarita and a Pisco with ginger beer and strawberry for my guest. We were hoping that chanca would pick up and we would get a second wind but I think we moved into this space too early as it was dead. We went back out to the main bar which was pumping and had a much better atmosphere so in the future hold off heading to chanca till much much later. I have been told after midnight it is amazing but we just didn’t see it when were were there so headed off back to our hotel.


In conclusion, Coya Dubai is certainly worth a visit, much like its other counterparts it is a fun, intoxicating location with fabulous food, fun drinks and friendly staff. We had a great time at Coya Dubai, I certainly didn’t need to eat for almost 24 hours after visiting, so you could say it’s also worth the money! If you are after quality and quantity Coya Dubai should certainly be on your list.

Coya Dubai
Restaurant Village Four Seasons Resort
Jumeirah Beach Road
Jumeirah 2
United Arab Emirates


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