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Undeniable Classics at British Stalwart Wiltons

by Lis-Marie Liden

A small hop away from the hustle and bustle of Green Park, tucked away on the prestigious Jermyn Street you’ll find Wiltons. As soon as I stepped inside, I could sense that the history of this venue would be impressive and vast, and I was not wrong.

A restaurant with an impressive heritage

In 2022 Wiltons celebrated its 280th Anniversary. Knowing this you can feel the grandeur of it as soon as you enter.  Wiltons are renowned for their Oysters, seafood, and fresh fish, not to mention the in-season game. All are carefully chosen and inspected to be sure only the very best is prepared and served.


With perfect lighting to set the mood and elegant luxury throughout, from the silver oyster trolley to the flawless table setting, I was excited to sit down for dinner and preview the new classics menu. One of my favourite parts about the ambience must be the waitresses dressed in vintage Nanny-inspired uniforms, apron and headband included, to me, this shines of tradition and history.

Another thing that I really appreciate, and find elevates any venue, is a dress code, so do make sure you check this on their website before going.

Timeless British dishes at Wiltons

As a party of six we were given a lovely big round table allowing conversation to flow naturally but also giving space for our food.

We were experiencing the launch of Wiltons classic menu, created by Head Chef Daniel Kent, who treated us to a journey of flavours as well as a feast for the eyes. This six-course menu has the finest ingredients sourced from across the British Isles all beautifully paired with carefully selected wines. I have some dietary needs so my menu was curated specifically for my needs, all the while keeping the same passion for the new menu.

My starter was a Chilled Pea Soup with lemon olive oil and chive flower, served in what looked like a teacup and saucer, at first glance, it might have looked small, but it was a perfect portion and such a refreshing soup. This was a substitution for the Devilled Eggs and Caviar. For those who love caviar, this is such a treat, served on top of a cayenne-spiced boil egg resting on a silver spoon.

Following this I had Salmon Ceviche with Guacamole and Citrus dressing, a light dish that helped to clear the palate for the upcoming dish. It is impossible not to see the passion that has been given to each dish and the presentation. This was a substitution for the Prawn Cocktail, a timeless classic for prawn lovers.

The next dish might be one of my favourite ones; the Plaice Kiev, a deep-fried plaice filled with garlic butter, served with green peas on the side, the size of this dish was impressive, and the taste was divine. Following this was the Beef Fillet, now anyone who knows me will know that I am a fan of a nice beef fillet. Perfectly pan-fried with a garnish of small onions, mushrooms and bacon lardons all drenched in beef jus. Perfection.

Now, there is always space for dessert, so I was ready when the Strawberry and Sherry Trifle arrived, presented in a very satisfying glass bowl, layers of sponge, fresh strawberries, custard and jelly. A mix of both flavours and texture. And for our finale, we were treated to Stilton with Yorkshire Parkin, a spiced fruit loaf and fresh sweet honeycomb.

As a British summer menu, this is perfect, it is a menu that allows you to enjoy flavours across the spectrum in a venue that on its own provokes amazing conversation. No dish was too filling allowing you to enjoy it all. I now know from experience that at Wiltons you will feel like the most important guest there thanks to their faultless service, and who knows, maybe you will be seated next to your favourite film star.

Wiltons Restaurant
55 Jermyn Street
St. James’s
United Kingdom


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