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Best Wellness & Beauty Products Found in Lockdown

by Christina Mitsi

During lockdown we got used to taking care of ourselves. Whilst we’d usually rely on the gym, hair salons, lash techs, facials and a whole host of other miracle workers to keep us looking and feeling our best, during 2020 we had to find ways to cope on our own. But since restrictions have been lifted I’ve kept going with some of these new ways to look after myself, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite products.

When I choose skincare products I generally go for the most natural I can find and during lockdown I found a brand I absolutely love. κέᾰρ® Life’s mission is to deliver effective skincare formulated with strictly natural ingredients, explicitly using the same formulas our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

My favourite product was the Kέᾰρ deeply nourishing Hydrate and Relax Body Oil in which liquid beeswax is blended with chamomile, sweet almond and rosemary to regenerate your skin. It quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. It smells like a holiday in Greece, honestly just buy it for that alone as I couldn’t get enough of it! I also loved the Exfoliating Herbal Soap with seaweed and almond grains for deep cleansing. This is a proper exfoliator (maybe not the best for sensitive skin) and really went to work on my neglected winter skin. Even my other half loved scrubbing himself with it after a hard day’s graft. You can get both of these in the Spa at Home Timeless Beauty Gift Set.

I know I’m not alone when I say I put on a lot of weight and became very lazy in 2020. Working from home and the closure of gyms hit everybody hard and I personally just felt less than enthusiastic about doing anything about it. When January 1st came around I vowed to get my act together and so scheduled a zoom call with Gaby, a nutritionist at HUM Nutrition who gave me a plan and a selection of supplements to support me on my journey. My plan was to increase my fitness while gradually losing weight as well as improving my skin’s elasticity and so my diet, exercise routine and supplement intake was all planned out.

To improve my energy levels, it was highly suggested I take all natural supplement, Uber Energy as it is specifically designed to support adrenal function, while also reducing stress and fatigue. I found I never felt the need for an extra latte or energy drink while using this. Collagen Love helps give your skin back its youthful appearance and helps protect it from future aging. This was ideal for me because I look about 15 but am actually 32 and I feel like the signs are going to creep up on me very soon. Mighty Night is designed to help overnight cell renewal for skin and body. It improves the texture and tone of skin overnight while promoting optimal sleep. I liked taking this each night with the knowledge that it would be doing my body a whole lot of good while I slept.

I took the supplements for the initial 30 days and some I continue to this day, the Uber energy was a real help in getting me off the sofa and out for a walk and you really do feel a lot better after taking supplements in the knowledge that you are giving your body that bit more of what it needs.

Whenever I get into the mindset of losing a bit of weight to look good in a bikini, I’m always held back by the thought of my cellulite covered bum and thighs. Does anyone really want to see that? I looked into what products are available and one that came highly recommended was from Kera Health. I had a zoom call consultation with founder Fay, who described her journey with hair loss and why she founded the company in order to help people who suffered as she did.  As I am very lucky to have a very thick head of hair we discussed the cellulite supplement and how it could help me.

Smooth Curves is designed to dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite. The antioxidant rich formula contains powerful, immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory ingredients that also support healthy blood circulation within the legs and body. She admits it’s no miracle worker, but after using it for a month I have to say that my legs did feel smoother, more powerful and maybe a bit of mind over matter really did make me feel more confident in my own skin.

I mentioned before that I have a great head of hair and so couldn’t relate to Fay’s hair loss journey. But unbeknown to me my sister had struggled with hair loss for a number of years and was struggling to find anything that could help. I mentioned this to Kera health after giving feedback for the smooth curves and they were kind enough to send my sister a range of products for her to try, how lovely! She said: “I used the supplements and shampoo and conditioner for one month. I still have fall out when I wash my hair but I have definitely noticed new baby hairs growing around my hairline, which is the area where I really noticed the thinning. The shampoo and conditioner both leave my hair feeling soft and looking shiny, and the scalp massager brings a little bit of extra pampering to my morning routine! I’ve also noticed my nails feel really strong and less prone to breakage which must be due to the keratin in the supplements, an added bonus! I’ve got short hair so I still have about half a bottle of both the shampoo and conditioner left, but I think I’ll invest in the supplements as Kerahealth recommend using their system for 3 months to see the full results. I’m pleased with the changes I’ve seen in 1 month so I’d love to see what happens in 3!

Earthy nail polish was born from a frustration towards unsustainable cosmetic products that do more harm than good to your nails. Their mission is to provide the highest quality product with the least impact on the environment. I tried out their ‘Pink Jasmin’ which is a gorgeous pale pink, perfect for Summer outfits and nude tones and a top coat to give nails that freshly polished look and to keep the nail protected. The packaging is lovely and it is so nice to see a change from the plastic lids as Earthy Nail polish makes theirs from bamboo.

Another vegan nail polish I was really impressed with was Nail Kind with no animal-derived ingredients, no animal testing, mineral and plant based ingredients such as potato, corn, manioc and wheat. I tried their shades ‘Flip Flop’ which was a bright mustard yellow and ‘Popsicle Party’, a gorgeous raspberry pink. This one I was really blown away by. It needs only 2 coats, goes on easily, dries quickly and stays on without a single chip for days (literally a week!). I was also given a top coat as well but honestly I didn’t feel like I needed it. Still it’s nice to wear between colours to let your natural nails shine.

Now one thing I think the majority of women can agree on is that lockdown was not good for our lashes and brows! Semi permanent lashes and HD brows have become as routine as getting your nails manicured but when the salons closed, we had to find an alternative. For me personally, I’ve never had a set of false lashes and the less said about my eyebrows the better.

I like a more natural look when it comes to lashes so it was a real pleasure to be sent a selection of products from Eyelure. Starting with my favorite lashes, Fluttery Light light and wispy No. 117 these give you that extra bit of length and thickness without looking too unnatural. They are also good for up to 5 wears and the glue is made to last for 18 hours. But I was also given something I couldn’t actually believe worked, Line and Lash is an eyelash glue that’s also an eyeliner. A brilliant felt tip eyeliner pen that lays down a super precise line of adhesive that makes lash application as easy as applying your everyday eyeliner. This was absolutely perfect for me who always makes a mess when putting on lashes, you really do just draw a line where you want your lashes then stick them on! They also have a clear version for a really natural way to wear false lashes. Really impressed! And finally I was given a Dybrow Kit but to be honest I thought I wouldn’t be the best to review it as my eyebrows are unplucked, pale lines that have always been neglected so I just put it in a drawer never to be seen again. But one day I decided I should at least give it a go. When I say this was easy it is an understatement, obviously I was extremely cautious as I had no idea what I was doing but I really was impressed with how they came out. Not too dark, no staining the skin, no reactions or drips, just perfect brows! Big thumbs up from me, 100% idiot proof. In conclusion if you know exactly how you like your brows then I’d invest in this and just do them yourself and save yourself a fortune.

Whether you take on these suggestions or not, please remember that it is important to support small businesses and particularly your local salons. Even if you decide to scale back on your manicures or lash extensions, make sure you find other ways to support them such as sharing their social media accounts or recommending them to friends and family.


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