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Autumnal Interiors, Simplified

by Christina Mitsi

As the seasons change, the temperature drops and the heating goes on. For many of us, the Autumn months are a simplified time. A time for being cosy and warm and enjoying all the comforts of our homes so I thought I’d share some of the little changes I make to my own home to welcome in this time of year.

The first thing I like to do to get my home ready for Winter is to have a good deep clean. In this new age of sustainability, I find it hard to find cleaning products that are not full of harmful chemicals or packed in plastic that lasts for one use. To try out something new I was sent an Eco Cleaning Starter Kit by 100% plastic-free cleaning products brand Seep.

Simplified ways to make your home cosy

Containing 1 pack of 4 sponge scourers, 3 all-purpose cloths, 1 pair of natural rubber gloves, 3 copper scourers and a bamboo washing-up brush all in sustainably sourced, recyclable packaging. What I enjoyed most about this washing-up kit (and believe me there is nothing I enjoy about washing up!) was that all the products are so hard to wear, I expected the clothes would be used a few times and then fall apart but they’ve been through the wash several times and are still cleaning my kitchen weeks later.

The brush is fantastic at getting into all the nooks and crannies and the scourers get all those stubborn bits a sponge just can’t hack. Best of all I don’t feel guilty about throwing any of them away knowing they are all biodegradable.

After I’ve cleaned I place a reed diffuser in rooms with lots of traffic such as the lounge and kitchen and I love the Relaxation Reed Diffuser from Absolute Aromas. Presented in luxurious frosted glass bottles, the high-quality reeds are designed to release natural essential oil blends delicately yet effectively into your home. With intoxicating scents of Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lavender and more, the diffuser is a wonderful way to bring fragrance into the home.

To add a bit of fun to your living room or children’s bedrooms have a look at some of the interior accessories from Thumbs Up! I got the Cinematic Lightbox Light box off Amazon and have loved changing the messages throughout the weeks. It’s great for birthday messages, celebrating holidays such as Halloween and Christmas and is wonderful for celebrating personal achievements such as a new job or landing that perfect client. It also comes with a number of emojis and symbols so you can get your message across!

I also loved the idea of the Bluetooth Speaker Plant Pot which is exactly as it sounds. Simply connect your phone to the speaker via Bluetooth and listen to your favourite music or podcast. However, there is more to this product than I first thought. When you touch the leaves of the plant in the pot it starts and stops the music and you can also programme it to change colours with every touch. This is great for changing the mood of the room you’re in and is great fun for kids.

However, if you’re after a more silent plant pot but still has that bit of quirkiness to it then you’ll love this one as much as I do. Lloyd the Llama Planter from Kikkerland always makes me smile when I see it on my shelf. Not just the fact that it’s called Lloyd, but its cheeky little face looks like it’s always keeping an eye on me. This leak-proof ceramic planter is small enough to fit on your desk in your home office or as a cute addition to your kitchen shelves. Plant small succulents or herbs in it and let Lloyd bring a bit of colour to your home.

I know I can’t be the only one who sits with their laptop on their knee on the sofa just to be near the fire in the Winter months. But resting your expensive laptop on a cushion or blanket can cause it to overheat and damage it internally, not to mention it’s not very stable.

The best thing I can recommend for this is a Bamboo laptop stand from Kikkerland. Not only is it easily adjustable to fit all laptop sizes you can also alter the angle of your display making it easier to either type or watch videos and presentations. The lightweight design makes it comfortable to have across your lap and is perfect for snuggling up next to your other half and watching a film.

Finally, the easiest way in which to alter the whole mood of a room is with candles. There’s just something about candlelight that makes me think of long-knitted jumpers, blankets and hot chocolate. For a touch of luxury to your night opt for this scented candle from Noble Isle.

The Fireside Luxury Scented Candle gives a warm, woody fragrance that evokes the elemental comfort of a flickering hearth, blending classic Winter spices of Ginger, Black Pepper, Vanilla and Cinnamon, and refreshed by a zesty Grapefruit top with captivating notes of Cypress Oil and Oakmoss. With a beautiful Black matte glass casing gold interior, the candle brings the looks and smell of sophistication into any home.

With this collection of fun, sustainable and luxurious items, there’s no need to redecorate to bring a touch of Autumn comfort into your home this season.


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