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A New Perspective: Afternoon tea at Bōkan London 

by Lis-Marie Liden

We all like afternoon tea with a view, and if you want this but also less crowded with a warm ambience, I highly recommend Bōkan London at the Novotel London Canary Wharf in the Docklands, Canary Wharf.

Interiors at Bōkan London

Taking the lift up you are met with a modern yet slightly rustic vibe, gorgeous wood tables and metal features, simple yet powerful modern design. The windows are facing all angles from floor to ceiling allowing an impressive panoramic view. We were lucky to have gotten the very best seat in the house with our table for two just by the window. And the afternoon sun hit just right giving a golden glow.

Bōkan London

And let’s not forget the restrooms, this is something I always look at because I feel this shows if they have thought about their concept above and beyond. And Bōkan London did not disappoint, with barrel-style sinks and mirrored doors and walls, all with a floor-to-ceiling window yet again sporting a great view of the South Dock.

Afternoon Tea

Our waitress Vanessa made sure we were instantly served a glass of Prosecco to enjoy while waiting for the star of the show, the afternoon tea.

For my tea, I chose a smooth yet refreshing mint tea, served in a stylish black tea pot going perfectly with the theme. We then received two trays, one in a black slate style with handles holding our sweet treats and one very intriguing-looking wooden one that also had small hot stones keeping our mini burgers and scones warm, brilliant touch!

On the sweet tray, we had assorted macaroons, a mini Lemon tart decorated with a flower and a mini Banana Cake. All great sizes allowing you to be able to eat more of the goodness that was to come.

@adashandasplash x Bokan February 2024 Afternoon Tea Salmon High Res 11

The mini-Burger had ginger glaze and smoked mayo giving a full smoky flavour. As customary we also had the classic finger sandwiches with smoked salmon, a cream cheese sandwich and a smoked beef and horseradish cream sandwich. And of course, our classic scones came with the mandatory cream and berry jam.

Our Prosecco as well as tea was unlimited so we might have had more than one glass of bubbly, so easily done with this kind of view and of course ambiance. It was a grand journey of flavours and a feast as much in flavour as with my eyes.

Why Bōkan London?

It was clear to see the passion that had been put into the presentation of the Afternoon Tea. The small flowers throughout, the way they kept the burgers warm etc.

Executive Chef Robert Manea did not shy away from going that extra mile for the experience to be dreamy for all involved. He is said to have had a passion for food ever since he was a child in Romania where we would be by his mother’s side to help out. He started at Bōkan London when it opened in 2017 and has since worked his way up to Executive Chef.

@adashandasplash x Bokan February 2024 Afternoon Tea Salmon High Res 2

As 4 pm rolled around, it definitely became busier, of course, because people were getting off work. But even so, it didn’t feel overcrowded, so Bōkan London is definitely a great place for any occasion, and I can see this as a perfect place to wind down after a long day.

It’s a lovely place to catch up with friends or bring someone who might be new to London, the view is impressive and it will give them an experience to take with them home.

I absolutely will go back there and highly recommend, wonderful all around. The passion of the staff from the door, bar and kitchen is easy to see throughout.

Bōkan London
Novotel London Canary Wharf
40 Marsh Wall
E14 9TP
United Kingdom


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