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6 of the best skin smoothers

by Lorna Oakley

Cellulite doesn’t judge. It can affect anyone and everyone. Though weight, diet, genetics, and hormones all play a role, your chances of developing the dreaded dimples at some point in your life are pretty inescapable.

With a month until our holiday, I gave myself that time frame to find products that actually worked, ‘Project Smooth Skin’ was underway with a vengeance. Combining the below products, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and where I could, I layered products.



I was sent the L’ORGANIQ Invigorating Cellulite Body Oil and it’s specifically blended to combat cellulite, stretch marks, and scars and formulated from 100% natural oil . This body and bath oil is enriched with powerful oils including rosehip, evening primrose, avocado, grape seed oil, and natural vitamin E, which aid in healing and protection, this combination smells just like a luxury spa treatment

These oils by L’ORGANIQ are packed full of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants to encourage healthier skin.  I found it light and quick to absorb texture that can be used on damp or dry skin. Combining it with Legology was the perfect combination!

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Cellulite is not about fat, it’s about flow. This matters because research, over many years, shows us that shifting cellulite is totally possible with the right approach – and we’ve been taking the wrong advice for decades. Above all, women have been beating themselves up without an actual solution!

Legology is a mighty mix of deep detox aromatherapy oils which aid massage to free the fluid that gets trapped between fat cells, pushing them out of line and creating the bumpiness known as cellulite. Therefore, there’s no real secret to shifting cellulite: you just need to move the trapped fluid by massaging this genius detox oil into thighs and buttocks – anywhere you have cellulite – to help stimulate skin leaving it smoother and cleaner. In fact, the best therapists use the very same aromatherapy oils they used in cellulite-blitzing massages – draining, detoxifying and stimulating to help release trapped fluid, leaving skin smoother and cleaner.

It’s not without effort I may add, however, I used this religiously as suggested on the backs of my thighs alongside my favourite tools from White Lotus (side note: it’s better used on a certain area than wasting it all over your legs – hence it’s good to combine with L’Organiq or similar). In conclusion, a true anti-cellulite hero.

White Lotus Beauty

White Lotus had previously sent me a stunning Jade comb, traditionally called a Gua sha comb. The Chinese believe that using pure Jade crystal on the scalp and body not only helps stimulate acupressure points for health and well-being but also creates smoother hair and skin, it is considered a beneficial practice to utilise in your daily routine

The entire comb is hand-carved from a single luxury piece of pure natural untreated jade. Each Jade crystal comb is unique and White Lotus are experts in this. I combined this with a Jade Roller, It invigorates your skin and is the perfect partner for the products I was using.

This is also a fantastic aid for stretchmarks and cellulite on its own, as it activates the skin’s natural glow with this invigorating massage, activating acupressure points of the body

Organic pharmacy

I had to include Organic Pharmacy in this roundup, as a brand it’s one of my absolute favourites! So of course when I was sent Detox Body Oil I knew it was going to be amazing.

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I’ve used the 10-day detox previously from Organic Pharmacy, their dry body brush is one of my daily essentials so I was super keen to try this. This gorgeous blend of juniper, grapefruit and rosemary oils, is the perfect oil for all over your body, invigorating and deeply nourishing your skin. It can be used on its own or alongside a dry body brush or the White Lotus jade tools.

Skin Bureaux

I was introduced to Skin Bureaux by Amanda Strutton, who is a beauty PR that I was fortunate to collaborate with during lockdown and we’ve worked together ever since.

She kindly sent me Skin Bureaux’s Youth Booth Souffle, which is formulated with CBD and CBG alongside anti-ageing retinol, moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, cupuacu butter, glycerin and vitamin E, it helps to restore and revive skin for a softer feel and tighter appearance; as well as promoting overall brightness. The result? Glowy skin that’s noticeably more plump.

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This product is the kind that you build up, I started twice a week as there are active ingredients in here. I started noticing a real difference in my upper body at the end of the second week, I combined this with Olverum body polish.

Olverum Body Polish

Olverum Body Polish is a unique soufflé-feel dual action exfoliator designed to buff skin gently but effectively. Providing deep nourishment, it is unlike many abrasive body scrubs, the light, aerated texture of Olverum Body Polish provides a comforting cushioning effect for intensive massage, which maximises the effects of mechanical exfoliants Bamboo and Pumice to polish the skin to a satin finish.

body polish

To Conclude…

I guess these seem like a lot of products, but it wasn’t as much of a faff as I thought it would be. The quality of the products and the tools DO make a difference, so it’s definitely worth using these techniques and brands as part of your routine.

As you may have seen by my previous articles such as the Hand Luggage Heroes series, I love to use products that can be layered and actually work, I would 100% recommend these again.


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