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5 Summer Beauty Brands: From Hair to Teeth

by Lis-Marie Liden

The search for the ultimate beauty products never ends, and with the ever-expanding market, I am more than open to trying new and exciting beauty products.

Dental Health

Many might not know that I had a major jaw surgery over 20 years ago now, I know, how it is possible when I don’t look a day over 25, but it is true. With this surgery came a completely newfound respect for dental care. And I am always open to seeing how I can make it easier and more efficient.

I know that an electric toothbrush is recommended for that thorough clean, and my old one had definitely seen better days. So when I received the Ordo Sonic Lite electric toothbrush I might have cheered a little. It is quiet and stylish. Helping to clean those pearly whites with 35,000 sonic pulses per minute and 2x different modes to choose from.

I have to admit it was a bit ticklish to begin with as I was not used to this kind of sensation, but it is something I quickly got used to, so bear with it. It’s USB chargeable, which is so handy nowadays and also has an anti-roll feature making sure it won’t fall of the shelf. As a person with sensitive teeth and gums I can honestly say this is a great product.

For Even Pearlier Pearly Whites

I always buy whitening toothpaste but I’m not always sure it’s doing what it should be doing. Now I was treated to a world first, the Polished London Hyaluronic Teeth Whitening Powder. You simply dip your toothbrush in the powder and start brushing, it lathers up beautifully and really reaches all spots. My favourite way is to use it together with my toothpaste as it feels supercharged, but it is also totally OK to use on its own.

Polished London Teeth Whitening

It is safe to use as well, it doesn’t damage your enamel and is peroxide-free, as well as 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Now I personally felt my teeth looked whiter straight after use so imagine the magic that will happen over time. As you only use a small amount this pot will last you a long way.

Easy to use Skincare

If I could have told my younger self something it would be to take better care of her skin. I don’t even want to disclose what kind of beauty cleanser I used and how rarely I applied SPF. I can’t reverse the damage but I can take better care going forward and for me, it has to be easy to use and good for sensitive skin.

To give my face a new clean slate each week I use the Perricone MD Brightening and Exfoliating Polish, a small pea size dot that will support my entire face. How much or how little exfoliation you desire is fully up to you, for a more deep clean just go more vigorously. With my sensitive skin, I only need a gentle motion over a few minutes. I can see that the blood circulation is improved instantly but I can also feel my skin becoming softer.

Vit C Perricone MD

With the help of ingredients like Vitamin C Ester, Ferulic acid and Enzymatic Fruit Complex your skin is left with minimised pores, more radiance and softer skin, and the fragrance of this beauty product is like a cherry on top.

The next step in my beauty routine is supported by FaceWise. They sent me two products that I really liked, the Revitalising Face Oil and the Essential Eye Cream. The Revitalising Face Oil might be a new favourite, I mix it in with my moisturiser for a seamless application but it can also be used on its own by simply patting it into your skin after cleansing. It’s a very lightweight oil absorbing beautifully which is something very important to me.

With ingredients such as Kalahari Melon seed oil and rock sapphire extract, I know it can support my skin in the harsh London environment. And to finalise my moisturising routine I use their Essential Eye Cream, with vitamins A, E and F alongside Hyaluronic Acid Hydrates it gives my sensitive under-eye skin some much-needed TLC. I have sensitive eyes, that I find can water sometimes whenever I use anything under my eyes, but this eye cream worked like a charm.

Personalised Makeup

I have had the same look when it comes to my make-up for decades, no lie, so I am very picky with my make-up. It must match my skin tone, eyeliners for instance are not allowed to smudge during the day etc. Thanks to Emolyne and their handy shade finder I received two sets containing, nail varnish, lipstick with matching lip liner, lip gloss, eyeshadow and eyeliner.

By entering a few details such as undertone, hair and eye colour the shade finder will match you to the colour that suits you best. The founder Emolyne Ramlov, from experience, noticed how hard it was to find makeup that caters for all the amazing skin tones out there and believes that beauty should be for everyone, this is why the Emolyne brand was born.

Out of my colour matches I absolutely adored the colourway Port Elizabeth. It’s a warm red that goes perfectly with my complexion, and now having a nail varnish, lipstick, lipliner and lip gloss in this shade I am good to go. For that dramatic eye, I added the Eye Shade Crème in shade Bwindi Forest, a metallic green/brown, very easy to apply without it migrating and perfectly pigmented. If I want to make it a smokey eye, I add the Defining Lash line Soft Kohl eyeliner pencil, and this one stay put, this I can promise!

The packaging feels very luxurious with gold and glitter, making it a pleasure to re-apply that lipstick on the go.

The Continuous Hair Journey

Right, so my hair will forever be a journey, it has gotten better after I decided to stop doing highlights three time a year, might be the only good thing about the pandemic. But as much as I have finally gained some length it is still very fine and always in need of some extra love and care as it is very fragile.

Philip Kingsley so kindly sent me the Pre-Shampoo Treatment Trio to give my Scandi locks a bit of a boost. I use these products separately on different days to spread out the goodness. They all aim for the same goal, to give extra moisture, stop breakage and combat frizziness, all the while giving a healthy shine and softness without leaving your hair feeling heavy.

Starting with the Bond Builder, I would dampen my hair and dry off the access water, applying the product to the lengths and ends of my hair, it says to leave in for a minimum of 10 min but I always have things to do so often it’s in for longer. Before moving on to Shampoo, make sure you rinse thoroughly, I also at times add some more after I have completed my hair wash just to give extra support.

home of the pre shampoo treatment trio

Want to go even deeper? Then the Elasticizer is a good choice. Again, this is to be used after dampening your hair but before Shampooing. Now this one you can even have in overnight for deeper absorption, or you stick to the minimum of 20 minutes, once it’s time to rinse I shampoo twice to really rinse properly.  

The last one was I think for me the most fun, it’s the Vitamin C Jelly. In this little box, you’ll find a bottle and sachets of products. You fill the bottle with water up to the line and add the powdered product, shake it all about and then you are left with the most lush jelly! Add all over your hair including the scalp and let it sit for 5 minutes, it was such a lovely sensation I have to say. Rinse thoroughly and again move on to your shampoo.

My hair is so grateful for this TLC, and I do feel the texture is stronger and it is easier to run my fingers through, I can’t wait to see how my hair becomes more healthy and happy with continuous use.

I think with these 5 brands I am all ready for the summer, I have primed my skin and hair, and I have the perfect make-up to take me from day to night all the while flashing my bright pearly whites.


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