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5 delightful Christmas Hampers

by Lis-Marie Liden

Whether it’s a gift or you simply looking for pre-curated Christmas treats, a Hamper is your best option, and luckily for you, I have trialled some out.

On The Table Hamper

At On The Table, you can choose hampers that are already put together to suit the occasion or person but you can also create your own. The hamper comes in a lovely box with produce all sourced from small independent suppliers and to make it a bit more special there will be stories and recipe suggestions inside. What was in my box?

  • Amie Carignan red wine – very easy and light, perfect to enjoy on its own as well.
  • Cornish Sea Salt Dark Chocolate – the after taste was lovely and lingered just enough. Great with coffee.
  • Torres Black Truffle Premium Potato Chips – these were very interesting, as soon as you bite into them there’s almost a small explosion of flavour, and it lingers allowing you to savour the truffle.
  • Heartful Masala Cashew and Almonds – these were a favourite of mine, I like it spicy and I like nuts. Very easy to have more than planned.

Valentina Deli Hamper

In my luxury Jute Shopper bag, perfect for carrying all the goodies btw, I found a lovely mixture of things, from nibbles to full meals. On their website, you can curate your hamper to suit the individual. You can add both food and some beauty products or even a lush candle or why not a set to make coffee for two? I was treated to the below:

  • Pack of 8 Cannoli Siciliani – a perfect treat with 4 different flavours, not overpowering making it easy to enjoy more than one.
  • Tarall’oro Tarallini, Gusto Finocchio – A round little biscuit with a flavour of fennel, an easy-to-eat crumbly treat.
  • Ortonese Sangiovese Merlot Wine – spicy and fruity with hints of red cherries, liquorice, raspberries and wildflowers.
  • Benedetto Cavalieri Linguine, Le Conserva Della Nonna Basil Pesto and a Salame Napoli Piccanti – all adding up to a perfect meal. I can be seen as slightly challenged in the kitchen but this was something I found to be easy to put together.

Don’t Buy Her Flowers Hamper

This is a great website to build hampers/boxes or buy them pre-made, there is something for every person or event and the items truly make up a lovely gift bundle. Whether it’s for a wedding or someone feeling a bit under the weather there’s something for it, my Christmas hamper hit all the right spots:

  • Hitzkopf Classic Mulled wine – this you can never go wrong with, heat up to a simmer and enjoy. Want to go the Scandi way? Add raisins and/or almond flakes to your cup and enjoy a journey of flavour.
  • Cranberry and Orange Mince pies – a lovely addition with citrus to the classic mince pie. Perfectly crust pastry. Easy to eat one too many of them if it’s ever possible?
  • Choconchoc milk chocolate Reindeer – super milky chocolate with a button nose, a choice of normal milk chocolate or white chocolate. I’m a big fan of white chocolate and these did not disappoint.
  • Uno Flip – To keep busy until Christmas dinner I received this new super intriguing game, now I have to dust off my Uno skills but this will for sure be fun for the entire family.
  • Draw with Rob drawing book – great pages of either colouring or small brainteasers, I will give this to my youngest nephew who will for sure be stationary for hours colouring away.
  • Winter scent candles – because what better way to truly get into the spirit than to allow the fragrance of Christmas to fill your living space making it truly jolly? The tealights are already in a small glass holder so all you have to do is find a spot for it and light it.

Sacla Hamper

As I have gotten older and am now classified as an adult I enjoy the moments around Christmas when you can sit around the table and just talk about everything and nothing and all that’s in between. And this moment is always made better with nibbles. Sacla is a brand I have enjoyed before and they truly know how to make any moment enjoyable. I received the below:

  • Classico Cremino by Baratti Milano – might just be the perfect treat alongside your coffee, smooth and soft, practically melting in your mouth. If you love chocolate and hazelnut, this is for you.
  • Crumbly Cantuccini Biscuits with chocolate chunks – a lovely crunchy artisan Italian biscuit, with lush chunks of chocolate. Not super sweet so perfect if you want something lighter.
  • Panforte di Seanna by Nannini – a dense and rich cake with candied fruit and crunchy almonds. Great for sharing, dusted with icing sugar like a cherry on top. Not overpowering in sweetness but hits just the spot and it comes beautifully wrapped by hand in the classic Nannini way.
  • Black Madonna by Assuntina di Capri – OK so I am a liquorice fan and this did not disappoint! A lovely digestivo made with the juice of the liquorice root plant served as a thick intense liquid. Add a few cubes of ice or if you’re brave keep it in the freezer for a while as it is best served ice cold.
  • Cipriani Bellini – now this was new to me but oh so welcome! In this turquoise bottle you’ll find a cocktail of white peach puree and prosecco. A gentle and bubbly blend easy to enjoy any time of day. Delicious!

Mouse & Grape Hamper

Staying with the adult theme I also received a lovely hamper from Mouse & Grape, the name itself should give you an idea of what it might be.

I was greeted by three small parcels with the numbers 1, 2, 3 on them, alongside them there were three cans of paired beverages in the shape of St Laurent No4 a premium red wine, Viognier No2, a premium white wine and a sparkling Chardonnay. And lastly a box of Miller’s Damsel Charcoal Wafers.

If like me you’re not the most routine cheese taster don’t stress because they have added a perfect guide on how to share this hamper step by step but also of course telling you about the different cheeses, where they’re from and ingredients etc.

  • Pairing Nr 1: Sparkling Chardonnay with Gorgonzola Dolce cheese, beautifully matched with the zesty Chardonnay and gentle bubbles with the soft, sweet and creamy Blue Cheese.
  • Pairing Nr 2: Viognier with Keen’s Extra Mature Cheddar, a floral and fruity white wine that compliments the strong rich cheese perfectly.
  • Pairing Nr 3: St Laurent with Saint Nectaire, this red wine is easy on the palate with its plums and mulberries on top of peppercorn and tannins matching this with the more creamy and earthy semi-soft cheese is lovely.

Such a lovely way to explore and enter into the world of wine and cheese, and a lovely hamper to bring or gift to friends, family or colleagues, why not?

mouseandgrape hamper

I hope you feel inspired and that maybe one of these amazing companies has just the hamper or gift box you are looking for. Create your own or if you need something quick look for the pre-curated ones and you’re good to go. Gifts, food, drinks and all in between, it’s there for you. Merry Christmas!


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